Incorporated in November 2007, Indus Towers Limited has been promoted under a joint venture between entities of Bharti Group including Bharti Infratel Limited, Vodafone India and Aditya Birla Telecom, to render passive infrastructure services to telecom service providers.


With over 1,17,000 Towers across 15 telecom Circles, Indus Tower has the widest coverage in India. To ensure maximum operationality, engineers monitor the sites 24/7 from Tower Operation Centers (TOCs). In the Gurgaon and Chennai offices, two impressive 7x2 Barco video walls help these professionals keep an unblinking, all-seeing eye on operations.

One of the key elements to ensure smooth operation are the TOCs, where the sites’ crucial equipment — including diesel generators, air conditioning and power plants — are monitored 24/7. At the TOCs, in Gurgaon and Chennai, data from the sites — location, volumetrics, incident rates, etc. — is presented in clear graphs and displayed on a large video wall. In case of a malfunction, this allows Indus Towers technical teams to quickly identify the affected sites and take appropriate action.


For Indus Towers, the importance of a well-functioning video wall cannot be overstated. “When the original installation — which was plasma-based — was nearing its end of life, we quickly started looking for a future-proof replacement”, said Manoj Gupta, senior manager at Indus Towers. Because of its higher image quality and the fact that spare parts for plasma screens are hard to obtain, Indus Towers set its sights on the more widely-used LED.


After thoroughly weighing up all the available options on the market, the company finally decided to do business with Barco — a choice that had several good reasons. Gupta: “Firstly, Indus’s JV partners - Vodafone SNOC in Pune and Airtel in Manesar - already had Barco LED video walls installed, to their great satisfaction. Secondly, the features and product quality of the OLF-721 were exactly what we were looking for.”


One of the biggest challenges of the project was undoubtedly the tight deadline. Gupta: “Thanks to the excellent collaboration between Barco and Indus Towers, the installation was completed well before time. Today, 16 to 18 operators are monitoring the video walls in Gurgaon and Chennai on a daily basis, ensuring that disruptions to telecom services are kept to an absolute minimum.”